Out at sea

If the best of my goodness is explainable in logical terms, it is likely that my goodness is a product of the Law rather than the fruit of obedience to the Spirit.

Summer days

In order to rest well, I know I need to understand what rest is all about and to accept that I need rest but I also know that I need to define its boundaries…..

Hope again

Perhaps the dissatisfaction we feel when we look at the broken pieces of our lives is just what we need..

Why worship?

In worship I begin to discover the joy of appreciating how truly good God is.

Doldrums city

The first day of Spring arrived this week, and with it the first rays of warm sunshine. This has been one of the toughest winters I remember and the snow stuck around for longer than I remember, it’s beauty long gone….

For better, for worse

In my mind this is one of the key ingredients that is missing from many more or less unhappy marriages…

Internet musings

The internet has allowed us to reconnect with people who, to us, were long lost. On another level it has led to superficiality and the breakdown of relationships. …

Deep waters

Years ago, while I was still living in Banska Bystrica, there was a case in the local news about a tragic and yet highly avoidable accident, which took the lives of a father and his sons as they sat in their living room.

Hemmed in.

If I want to achieve or maintain joy in my life I need to develop soul satisfaction with my portion in life.

escaping marriage madness

Sometimes I am guilty of behaviour in my marriage that can only be described as a form of madness.

Growing faith.

God didn’t leave us clueless and helpless in this parenting business…

The Battle for Joy

Why is it so hard for us to let go of our fears when we can see how damaging they can be?

When it’s hard to keep walking.

Why do I sometimes get so low, depressed even. What causes it? Where is the problem? Why do I wake up with a groan instead of a sense of delight?