For better, for worse

So many good books have been written on marriage, 10 ways to build a happy marriage, improve communication, solve conflicts, improve your love life and spend quality time together  but sometimes I think that not enough is said about the role of acceptance in a good marriage. Yet in my mind this is one of the key ingredients that is missing from many more or less unhappy marriages, which could otherwise be reasonably happy and fulfilling to both partners. We live in a world where we are bombarded with preconceived ideas of what a happy marriage should be….


escaping marriage madness

Sometimes I am guilty of behaviour in my marriage that can only be described as a form of madness. There are things that I do, behaviours that I repeat that I know will not do any good, but I do it anyway. I know better but I go with the flow of my emotion rather than the cool reasoning of my head. And I know that I will live to regret it but I make that choice anyway.

East meets West

Meeting Dali has been one of the more tangible miracles in my life, at the time unquestionably supernatural and ever since one of the clearest evidences of God’s intimate interest in the details of my life.

Growing up I had my own ideas of how I would meet the love of my life. Based on a vague understanding of how my parents had met, I imagined that I would meet my future husband at university, that we would exchange glances across a crowded room