a new direction

Welcome to my new blog about faith, family, and finding my way.

Hi. I’m Laura and I am pleased to welcome you to my blog. Please allow me to introduce myself.

About me.

I am a 46-year-old British woman with Welsh, English and Irish roots. My middle name is Mair which is the Welsh for Mary. I lived in England for the first 25 years of my life with mostly Welsh parents. My Dad was fiercely Welsh and my mother less so. She was a linguist who loved French and spoke and taught it excellently. From as early as I can remember I was surrounded by foreign languages and a fascination for words. Mealtime conversations were punctuated with searching for words and meanings in the nearest dictionary . That habit stuck.

I studied French and German at Durham university in England. And I have considered it a complete privilege to be able to add Slovak  to my list of spoken languages since moving here in 1995. I have not mastered the language in the true sense but certainly know it well enough to feel at ease in communicating with others, which is what really matters to me. My mistakes keep me humble (a bit).  I will probably never stop learning. I hope I never do.

The hills around Vavrisovo

At the age of 25 I married my Slovak love and I have lived in Slovakia ever since. I married into ministry – my husband is a pastor –  and into a new culture and spent several years adjusting. Four years after our wedding we had our first child. Three more followed on at various intervals. So it’s some time since I started out in the parenting business and I am still finding my way. Ditto marriage. I  never have been a quick learner and there seems to be so much to learn.

I love my family and I love Slovakia. And I love God who found me when I was just eleven years old though I wasn’t even looking for Him. I also love books and reading though I don’t have so much time for it anymore. Most of all I love the Book – the Bible.


I have wanted to write ever since I remember but it has taken 46 years and a few encouraging friends for me to reach the point of actually beginning to turn this particular dream into reality. I am now at an age where I realize that if I want to avoid an old age marred with regrets, I need to grasp the moment in front of me . So this is my carpe diem moment. I hope it is not too late. And I hope that you will enjoy what you read. May it be a blessing for you.


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  1. Dana says:

    OH, I am already looking forward 🙂

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